CCTV Monitoring

CCTV systems provide the easiest and most cost-effective monitoring solution to protect people and property.

Ideal Security can supply CCTV systems for all budgets, from installing a single camera to a complete network covering multiple locations all monitored round the clock by trained security staff. 

And when integrated with alarms and access control systems, you can be sure that your property and personnel are safe even when you are not there. 

Not only do they deter casual crime but also, what's more, CCTV systems reduce your insurance premiums and are significantly cheaper than the cost of using manned guards to patrol. 

Once installed, your CCTV systems can be monitored constantly by trained staff, either on your premises or from our central control room. And in the event that an intruder is detected, trained Ideal Security officers can be dispatched to your premises urgently and equipped to deal with almost any emergency.