Mobile Patrols 

Ideal Security Ltd can protect you and your staff from risk with our vehicle patrolling service combined with our walk-around check service.

Guards remain in regular contact with our control room, which is always just one call away. At your request, for the protection of your company and property and to meet all legal requirements, any of our vehicles can be fitted with cameras and remotely monitored GPS tracking systems. We can also supply guard dogs and specialist dog handlers.

Our mobile security staff can save you time and money when you book our secure, 24/7 locking and unlocking service. We can schedule licensed and insured guards to arrive promptly at your place of business at designated times to ensure that the building is clear of staff or visitors before securing it.

Mobile security patrols can be regular or otherwise, entirely according to your needs. Just call us to discuss your requirements and we'll create a package to suit your company's security.